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David “Jacko” Jackson (Rooted Life): Breathing Basics.

David Jackson is an Advanced Oxygen Advantage breathwork coach, a former professional rugby player, Accredited UKSCA Strength & Conditioning coach, NASM performance enhancement & corrective exercise specialist and co-founder of the School of Calisthenics that combines movement and breathwork to develop freedom in our bodies and minds.

Having worked with professional & recreational athletes to enhance performance through better breathing as well as clients seeking better stress management through breathwork He is passionate about helping everyone fulfil their true potential through enhancing their breathing whatever their goals.

In this episode Jacko discusses:

  • How an initial curiosity sparked a deep dive into breath work.
  • The importance of nasal breathing rather than mouth breathing.
  • Some biochemistry of breathing/respiration and the benefits and adaptations of breathwork.
  • How breathwork can improve recovery within and between training sessions.
  • Basics to focus on to get started improving breathing mechanics.
  • His key resources to learn more about breathwork.

You can listen to episode in full here.

You can check out Jacko’s FREE Better Breathing Ebook here, his Youtube channel here and his Online Breathwork Basics Course here.  You can can check out his site www.rootedlife.co.uk  and keep up to date with him via the Instagram account: @jackohumanflag .

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