David Joyce (High Performance Training for Sports): Keeping the end in mind

David Joyce is an internationally recognized leader in human performance, strategy and decision making. He holds Masters degrees in both Sports Physiotherapy and Strength & Conditioning, as well as an MBA. He has worked with hundreds of elite athletes, including multiple world and Olympic champions and in multiple sports around the world. Nowadays, Dave’s focus has shifted much more towards enabling major sporting organisations, corporates, start-ups and emerging leaders navigate through the choppy seas of complexity, and set themselves up to thrive in an increasingly uncertain future. He has written and co-edited with Daniel Lewindon 2 internationally best-selling textbooks on high-performance and rehabilitation, and the new edition of High Performance Training For Sports has just been released to critical acclaim around the world.

In this episode David discusses:

  • His varied career in both team and olympic sports in Australia, UK, Europe and China.
  • How an interesting move to Galatasaray came about.
  • His time at Western Force and combatting being the most travelled team in the world.
  • The similarities that exist in coaching both sport and executives.
  • Why coaches should write their own eulogy.
  • Why clarity on your values and mission are vital for congruence as a coach.
  • How the 2nd edition isn’t just a revamp of the 1st, but an entirely different book in it’s own right.

Listen to the episode in full here.

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