Pratik Patel (Former NFL S&C and Nutrition Coach): Cutting through the confusion.

Pratik Patel is the former Director of Performance Nutrition and Assistant S&C with the New York Giants in the NFL for 4 years. Prior to that, Pratik was the Director of Sports Nutrition at University of Oregon, Sports Dietician at Michigan State and interned at the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals.
In this episode Pratik discusses:

  • His own eating and exercise behaviours as a youth.
  • Some of the nutrition challenges that face College and NFL athletes.
  • The fundamental principles that young athletes and their coaches should master before progressing to the complex ideas.
  • Some key principles to help youth athletes gain lean mass.
  • The frame size profile as a limiting factor for muscle gain.
  • Why he no longer works in the NFL and what projects he has coming up.

You can listen to the episode in full here.

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