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Owen Satterley (Better Human Performance): The Student Athlete

Over the last 19 years Owen has worked with youth, senior, international and professional athletes as well as working in the entertainment and corporate health industries, spending time working in London, Australia, and New Zealand. He also has a history, as an athlete, in rugby, CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting.

In this episode Owen discusses:

  • Helping people become better versions of themselves.
  • What it takes to coach a human being.
  • Why mistakes and frustrations are actually net positives in the long run.
  • His 10 years at Hartpury College and University.
  • Why you must take into consideration the other aspects of athletes’ lives.
  • How Student Athletes often have basic life skills missing and how these can limit performance.
  • How he overcame some of these absent life skills in his athletes.
  • His new role contracting for Hintsa Performance and working with Mercedes.

You can keep up to date with Owen via his Instagram: @betterhumanperformance .

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