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Sophie Pidcock (Brisbane Boys College): Helping teenage boys make better decisions.

Sophie is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Brisbane Boys’ College in Australia. She has spent many years working in the youth athletic development space and also has experience in a professional sporting capacity. Her current role at Brisbane Boys’ College sees her responsible for the implementation and continued improvement of sport specific S&C as well as general long-term athletic development programs across the school. Sophie’s philosophy as it pertains to youth S&C , is to deliver an all-encompassing approach to sport and general wellbeing which includes the inter-related aspects of training, resilience, nutrition and injury management.

In this episode Sophie discusses:

  • Why the development space is such a rewarding context.
  • An Overview of the staffing structure and logistics of the BBC program.
  • How the program has expanded from a 1st XV and 1st 8 rowing program to service more students.
  • The Green, White, Black program they use.
  • Why it’s important to encourage young boys to make more sensible decisions in the weight room.
  • The future of the BBC program.

You can listen to the episode in full here.

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