Ask the Expert – Dr Craig Harrison (The Athlete Development Show)

The week’s interview comes all the way from New Zealand…


In the latest “Ask the Expert” interview, I was lucky enough to get in contact with Dr Craig Harrison, host of “The Athlete Development Show“, a free podcast on all things youth athletic development. If you haven’t had a listen yet, I’d definitely recommend it!

  1. Give us a bit of background on yourself… (sporting career, qualifications, coaching experience) 

I started out as a sports scientist – fairly black and white in my approach. But over time I’ve become fascinated much more with human potential, and how it relates to youth sport. I’ve done sport my whole life, spent nearly 10 years studying it, and now spend most of my time setting up programmes to develop the physical and mental sides of it.
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Ask the Expert – Mark Laurie (Specific Strength & Fitness)

In this “Ask the Expert” interview I spoke to the owner of Specific Strength and Fitness…

1.    Give us a bit of background on yourself… (sporting career, qualifications, coaching experience) 

 I didn’t get into fitness until I was 27.  I started with running and lifting weights in a split routine body building style – because I didn’t know any different. I then got into playing five-a-sides and going to a local boxing club. Finding the fitness bug led to me applying to enrol on a Fitness, Health and Exercise course at college. After two and half years at North Glasgow College I progressed to a degree course at Edinburgh Napier University. I graduated with a 2:1 BSc Honours Sport & Exercises Science in July 2014. 
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Ask the Expert – Andy Blyth (Simply Perform)

In this installment of the “Ask the Expert” series, I interview Trainee Sport Psychologist Andy Blyth…

1)  Give us a bit of background on yourself… (sporting career, qualifications, coaching experience)

Since about 2nd year in High School I was always passionate about how the mind works, especially since I was competing at national level in badminton.  With this passion I managed to gain an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Edinburgh University, afterwhich I was at a bit of a loose end as to where to take it next.  We got taught a lot of interesting “stuff” at Edinburgh but, to be honest, I couldn’t think about how to apply it to “normal” day to day life.  A lot of it was based on clinical models and very much coming from a position that meant that psychology was only for those that had something “wrong with them”.
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Ask the Expert – Phil Williamson (Teeside University)

Phil is a friend and former colleague of mine. He is currently a Lecturer and PhD researcher at Teeside University.

1)  Give us a bit of background on yourself… (sporting career, qualifications, coaching experience

Well it probably wasn’t your usual route into S&C/research/exercise physiology. I worked in a gym at 18, but the joined the Army, where I served with a number of units, until I left in 2010. At that point, I knew that I wanted to work in S&C, so I attended Teesside University from 2011-2014, doing my undergrad degree and MSc there, whilst also working in a gym as a personal trainer. I was also fortunate enough to get an internship at Castleford Tigers during the third year of my undergrad degree. This was the direction that I wanted to go in, as I had been involved in playing rugby league (never at a great standard mind!) since I was about 8.
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Athletic 8: Goblet Squat

In this installment, we introduce squatting to our young athletes!

Continuing with the Athletic 8 series, here is an exercise I use regularly with both junior and adult athletes to teach good squatting mechanics! It’s a really simple way to teach for technical coaches to teach proper foot, knee and torso position in squatting which can be built upon for proper jumping and landing too!

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Monitoring made easy! (Part 2)

In the previous post here, we discussed an alternative method (The Session RPE) method as an economical and effective way of monitoring fatigue within your youth athletes.
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Ask the Expert – Andy Woodward (Barnard Castle School)

Andy is the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Barnard Castle School and PEP Sports weeks performance sports camps, as well as the Throws and Speed Coach at Darlington Harriers Athletics Club.

Give us a bit of background on yourself… (sporting career, qualifications, coaching experience).

Main sports were Track and Field, Rugby Union and Volleyball.  Represented Royal Air Force on the track in both the 100m and 200m in the 1990’s.  I hold a BA(Hons) in Sports Studies and PE from York St John Uni and an MSc in S&C from Teesside Uni.  I am a UK Atheltics Level 3 Performance Coach in Throws and Level 2 Speed and Jumps.
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