Welcome to Athletic Evolution!

At Athletic Evolution, our mission is to deliver a pathway of age and stage appropriate physical activity, giving children and adolescents the physical and psychological skills to reach their potential.

In addition, we want to support coaches, clubs and organisations in the development of their youth athletes. We do this through bespoke Athlete Education Workshops, Coach Education Workshops, as well as our Podcast and Blog.

The Athletic Evolution Values:

  • Growth  – Continual desire to progress, improve and learn
  • Passion – Enthusiasm and Energy
  • Quality – Commitment to serve by providing quality information
  • Action – Pull the Trigger
  • Hard Work – Relentless and tenacious pursuit of our goals
  • Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) – Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
  • Curiosity – Question “How could this be done better?”

For coaching, workshop or any other requests, please email: athletic-evolution@outlook.com

Yours in sport,


Rob Anderson

Athletic Evolution Founder

(MSc, BSc, ASCC, PN1)