Welcome to Athletic Evolution!

I’ve always been interested in human potential. I remember as a kid thinking “I wonder what that person is capable of?”. Over time, this curiosity developed into a passion for assisting athletes in reaching their potential.

I’ve worked in a number of roles withinin sport and exercise: coach, personal trainer, physiologist, strength & conditioning coach and lecturer. I’ve collected a few qualifications along the way including:

  • MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology
  • BSc (Hons) in Strength and Conditioning Science
  • UKSCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Level 2, Level 3 and Level 3 Advanced NASM qualifications
  • ISAK Level 1 Anthropometrist

I’ve coached a range of athletes from junior amateur to senior professional athletes and even an Olympian in a number of clubs and organisations:


Athletic Evolution was created to create discussion surrounding the various issues facing youth athletes and to provide best practice in the athletic development and coaching of young athletes. From biological maturation, coaching methods to long-term athlete development, Athletic Evolution is a space to improve in how we support young athletes in their developmental journey.

On this site you will find a number of different resources including animated videos, blog posts, book reviews, interviews with expert practitioners and position statements from leading strength and conditioning organisations. Additionally, we will be producing a number of economical resources for coaches of youth athletes.

If you’d like to keep up to date with the latest content we produce then you can find us on:

For coaching/consultancy requests or any other queries, please email: athletic-evolution@outlook.com

Yours in sport,

Rob Anderson

(MSc, BSc, ASCC)