Book Review: The Edge

Title: The Edge: How the Best Get Better Author: Michael Heppell Topic: Psychology, Habits and Routines Appropriate for: Anyone interested in improving! Overall rating: 5/5 – go out and get it now!!! Overview: I’m not entirely sure how this book ended up in my collection, but it sat on the bookshelf for a while as […]

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Book review: Why We Sleep

Title: Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams Author: Matthew Walker (PhD) Topic: Sleep, Health, Performance, Learning, Memory Appropriate for: Literally everyone but especially – Parents of athletes, Teachers, Athletes, Coaches, Support Staff Overall rating: 5/5 – go out and get it now!!! Overview: I first heard about this book after listening to […]

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Linchpin – Book Review

“Art” can refer to great human interaction, good resources, great service… it doesn’t just mean physical art as we know it.

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Conscious Coaching – Book Review

I found this really interesting and as I was reading each archetype, it was opening my eyes to the athletes I coach…

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Triphasic Training – Book Review

I’ve heard lots of positive things about Triphasic Training, so I decided to get stuck in myself!

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High Performance Habits – Book Review

So, although I have still been reading the last few months, I’ve not actually been posting my reviews regularly enough, so apologies for that. But here’s the first book review of 2018 and it’s a cracker!

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The Energy Bus – Book Review

This has a similar them to my previous blog post regarding why interpersonal relationships are so crucial to the success or failure of coaching and the concept of athletes being “people first, athletes second.”

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Wooden – Book Review

John Wooden is a legend in the sport of Basketball. He was an All-American 3 times a s a player, he was the first person to inducted into the Hall of Fame as both a player and a coach and is largely regarded as one of the most successful sport coaches EVER.

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