Warming Up and the Youth Athlete (Video)

Here’s the latest in our “Youth Athlete” video series aimed at informing coaches and parents of youth athletes.

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Here is a great example of a RAMP style warm up, applied at Barcelona FC:


Nutrition and the Youth Athlete (Video)

The latest in the “Youth Athlete” animated video series…

The latest animated informative video for coaches and parents in the “Youth Athlete” series.

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Sleep and the Youth Athlete (Video)

After the success and positive feedback of the last animated video on Relative Age Effect in Youth Sport, I decided to continue with a series on “The Youth Athlete”.

This series will focus on a number of issues that coaches often encounter when working with young athletes. These videos will focus primarily on educating coaches, parents and athletes on the topic, potential issues that may arise and how to best overcome these barriers.

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Relative Age Effect in Youth Sport (Video)

An animated video for coaches and parents, describing Relative Age Effect in Youth Sports…

I decided take the time to produce a short, animated video aimed at technical coaches and parents, in order to highlight the phenomenon of Relative Age Effect.

If this format proves to be helpful, useful or popular then I will continue to use it to highlight other areas of concern in youth athletic development!

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