Ask the Expert – Sam Joyce (Nottingham Forest FC)

The latest Ask the Expert interview comes from Nottingham Forest FC U18 Sport Scientist, and host of the “Growing Up Strong” podcast, Sam Joyce.
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Dan Carter – August Book Review

This month I review the autobiography of an international rugby legend…

I’ve always loved reading autobiographies of athletes. As it’s been a while since I have read one, I decided to change that this month. Dan Carter is an All Blacks legend with 112 tests for New Zealand and the highest point scorer in the history of test match rugby  with 1,598 points.

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Ask the Expert – Digby Webb (Kingswood School)

Digby is the Athletic Development Coach at Kingswood School, as well as being a qualified science and maths teacher…

digby 2

Give us a bit of background on yourself… (sporting career, qualifications, coaching experience)

I am currently a Science & Maths teacher at Kingswood Senior School in Bath. I moved to Bath from Cape Town, South Africa, last August. I studied at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and played rugby for the UCT 1st XV “Ikey Tigers” for 4 years, as well as representing Western Province Rugby against the Kenyan & Namibian national teams. I hold a BSc, BEd (Hons) and PGCE from UCT, and have recently gained a strength & conditioning certification through the International Sports Science Association.
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7 Lessons from the world’s best coaches (Coaching series part 4)

What I learnt from 4 of the best coaches in the world…

Recently I had a great opportunity to be in the audience for a panel of some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world. When I say the best, I mean these guys have it all: PhDs, top level experience in professional sport with international athletes, national championships, plenty of published research and they are widely regarded as the “go to” guy in their specialism. For people who are involved in strength and conditioning, each one of these guys is a household name. To say this experience was a privilege was an understatement.

After reflecting on this experience I realised there were some key lessons I learnt.
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Why a “No Days Off” mentality suck for parents (Part 3)

Why parents need an off season too…

In part 3 of this series on Why a “No Days Off” mentality sucks, we are looking at the effect this attitude can have on parents…
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10 ways you can improve as a coach

a list of 10 ways to improve as a coach, ranked in order of time required…

This post is another of our most popular with over 500 views in 48 hours of release. Originally it only had 9 ways, however it was then updated to include a tenth. It has helped many coaches in their development and I hope it will also help you…

Generally coaches have a pretty busy schedule. In most cases, at a grassroots levels coaches are juggling a fulltime job and family responsibilities, as well as their role as a coach. Due to the various strains on a coaches time, it can become easy to neglect dedicating time to learning and improving in the art of coaching.
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Is there room for values in youth sport? — The Sporting Influencer

Athletic Evolution: Is there room for values in youth sport?

Here is a link to a guest blog  I recently wrote for Richard Cashman’s “The Sporting Influencer” You can read the article via Is there room for values in youth sport? — The Sporting Influencer

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