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Previous clientele include:

  • Jersey Sport Foundation
  • Edinburgh Leisure
  • East Lothian Sport Development
  • Stewarts Melville College  

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Rob is exactly the trainer you would want, he consistently went the extra mile to provide and research strategies in goal setting, nutrition, hydration, stretching, pre race exercises both mentally and physically and improved swim down protocols. Poole swimming club has produced multi national medalists in the past few seasons. Although it was a great loss when Rob progressed onwards and out of the area, much of the clubs continued conditioning work stems from the philosophies and research learned from Rob.”

Barry Alldrick (Head Coach Poole Swimming Club, England Programme Coach)

“If you want to go somewhere that gets you in shape, keeps you fit and strong but also gives you vital knowledge about your bodily mechanics and how to keep everything feeling great as well as strong then this is place to go! Great trainer who took me from never having been to the gym, recreational volleyball player and made me in to an international athlete that competes at the highest level! This is where champions are made!”

– Issa Batrane (England Beach Volleyball)

“Before having Rob has my S&C coach I had no motivation to lift weights, mainly because I struggled to lift weights and I knew little about S&C. It wasn’t long before I starting looking forward S&C, I’d have Rob pushing me every session and be learning something new too. Over the two years with Rob, I don’t think I’d have made it as far in my sport.I remember sustaining a shoulder injury a month before an international competition, wasn’t allowed to play for 2 weeks but Rob worked so hard with me almost everyday that I managed to recover and have one of my best performances yet. Thanks Rob, really owe you one!”

– Nathan Fullerton (England Junior Volleyball)

“It was an absolute pleasure to work along side Rob, he was good fun but yet a great leader, motivator, he worked hard and got things done. Also as an International level athlete I learnt alot from Rob, the way that he coach, methods of training the content that he coached I still use in my training today! Would highly recommend!”

– Jess Grimson (Team Palmer/Grimson Beach Volleyball)

“The coaching I received from Rob has given me such a solid base for my S+C training; His die-hard work ethic, attention to detail, knowledge and passion for training has helped benefit my overall strength and physical fitness, helping me to achieve and exceed many of my sporting goals, including performing at an International level. A top guy and a great coach-Keep pushing Rob!!”

– Harry Jones (England Junior Volleyball)

“How could I not rate 5 stars. Rob has always pushed me and helped me improve my explosive strength as well as helping me with a lot of injury preventing using all sorts of fun exercises! Hope to catch up soon Rob!”

– Koko Stoimenov (Wessex Volleyball)

“Rob Anderson!- the man that gave me the mental and physical strength in 2 years to go from squatting 20kg to now squatting 120kg. Keep changing people Rob!”

– Sam Reid



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