Becoming a beginner …

What aspects of your athletes’ training are you so distant from that you may have forgotten, not be empathetic with, or understand?


I recently decided to become a beginner again. I found the whole process daunting, intimidating but exciting! But here’s why I think it was beneficial overall!
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Interview on “Growing Up Strong” Podcast

Recently I was interviewed for the “Growing Up Strong” Podcast, a podcast dedicated to the development of young athletes, hosted by Sam Joyce. You might remember Sam from our most recent “Ask the Expert” interview. In this episode. We discuss a range of topics including strength programmes, periods of accelerated growth and the effects working with athletes part-time.

You can listen to the interview here:

Dan Carter – Book Review

This month I review the autobiography of an international rugby legend…

I’ve always loved reading autobiographies of athletes. As it’s been a while since I have read one, I decided to change that this month. Dan Carter is an All Blacks legend with 112 tests for New Zealand and the highest point scorer in the history of test match rugby  with 1,598 points.

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