Guy Pichers (Canterbury Christ Church University): The Female Athlete

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Guy Pitchers is a PhD researchers in Female Athletic populations, as well as a Instructor in Sport Science at Canterbury Christ Church University. He is also a Strength & Conditioning Coach for Charlton FC Ladies. In this podcast Guy discusses: The primary biological differences between male and female athletes A basic overview of menstrual function […]

Tim Stevenson & David Jackson (School of Calisthenics): Redefining Impossible

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Tim Stevenson (Head of Exercise Science & Handstands) and David “Jacko” Jackson (Head of Human Flags) are both Strength and Conditioning coaches and Founders of the “School of Calisthenics”. In this episode they discuss; Their accidental route into calisthenics in their own training and coaching.  Why Fun and Experimentation are a key element for them […]

Howard Green (Director of HGreen Tennis Fit): Lessons from the Royal Marines

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Howard Green is the Director of HGreen Tennis Fit, as well as the Head of Sports Science at Bolton Tennis Arena.  In this episode Howard discusses How his background in the high performance environment of the Royal Marines has shaped him as a coach. His time “in the box” with Ana Ivanovic and Naomi Broady […]

Louise Hastie (Movement Evolution Scotland)

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Louise Hastie is one of the Directors at Movement Evolution Scotland. In this episode Louise discusses: Her unique childhood background. Her background in recreational and competition skiing. The balance of winning medals and fostering intrinsic motivation. Inclusive and exclusive methods of long term athletic development. You can listen to the episode in full here. You […]

Dr Sean Cumming (Bath University): An idiot's guide to Growth, Maturation and Biobanding

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Dr Sean Cumming is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Bath, as well as a consultant for the Premier League, Football Association, Lawn Tennis Association and Bath Rugby.  In this podcast Sean discusses: The differences between Growth, Maturation, PHV PWV. How these differ between males and females. The effect […]

Simon Brundish (StrengthLab): Physical Literacy for Superheroes,

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In this episode Simon Brundish founder of StrengthLab and the renowned Superheroes physical literacy program discusses: How many coaches have come from a PE teaching background. His unique purpose for coaching kids The problems with modern day PE curriculum How he came to create the Superheroes program and it’s success in both schools and sports […]

Andy Bruce (Merchant Taylor School): Implementing Strength & Conditioning in an Independent School

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In this episode Andy Bruce, Strength & Conditioning Coach at Merchant Taylor School discusses: His unusual journey to becoming a Youth Strength & Conditioning Coach What “success” looks like to him as a Youth coach The challenges of implementing S&C in an independent school setting A new app he is involved in developing to help […]